Saturday, September 1, 2007

Emma's Weekend

My 5 year old grandaughter, Emma, is spending some time with us this weekend so it's a very interesting weekend. Her mom had her dressed so cute when she dropped her off this morning but in less than 30 minutes Emma had various colors of her breakfast cereal all over the front of her pretty yellow shirt that coordinated so nicely with her blue jean shorts.

Emma and I baked some chocolate chip cookies this morning and Emma invited our friend Holly over for some. Holly couldn't resist the offer of chocolate chip cookies so she dropped in for a visit. Emma entertained us by dressing up in her princess outfit, her new pj's and a variety of other outfits she pulled out of the bedroom drawers.

Holly and I were in the dining room looking at some rubber stamps and quickutz dies when we realized Emma hadn't popped in for a bit. Holly thought she had seen Emma go outside with her grandpa so we went out and called for her but no Emma. We called out through the house but still no Emma. I went back to the bedroom a second time to see if she was hiding behind the bed and I found her under the bed sheets. She had pulled the top corner of the fitted sheet off the mattress and slid under it pulling it back up over her head. She was laying there so quietly and at first glance you couldn't tell someone was under the sheets. She thought it was so funny playing a trick on us but she nearly caused Holly and I to have a heart attack.

She's been playing dress-up and applying her play makeups this afternoon. She's been having quite a you can see by the following picture she applies a little bit heavily. I think Emma has given a whole new meaning to "powdering your nose". Papa told her she looks so beautiful and she gets the biggest smile on her face! I think her mom will have to teach Emma the art of applying makeup before she becomes a teenager!

This evening Emma's decided to try some papercrafting projects. She's having a great time but I think I'm going to have a challenge to get her to pick up all her supplies and finished projects.

Emma's s been giving me instructions on the proper handling of scissors. Apparently her kindergarten teacher has had a recent conversation with the class regarding scissors.

Per Emma this IS NOT the correct way to handle scissors:

..... and this is the CORRECT way to handle scissors -

That's it for now....need to take a look at Emma's creations and see if we can start picking up. Almost time for bed and that should be an interesting adventure also.

Oh my gosh.....just as I'm signing off Emma asked, "Should I go get my pajamas on?" I told her that would be fine and she said "Yes because it's almost time to go to bed!" Wow!!!

Have a great evening.

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Anonymous said...

I love the highlighted look above the eyebrow. I really think she could start a new trend!!!!!!!!!!
The Cookie Monster