Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sharing Pictures

Finally some of my film developed so I thought I'd share some pictures.
This was taken at my grandson Griffin's Kindergarten graduation in May. The school Griffin attends held a really nice graduation ceremony for the kids complete with cap and gown.

I know I'm partial but I thought Griffin looked so handsome here - can't believe he's finished Kindergarten already! He's growing up so fast!

Thought this was a really good picture of Jennifer and Emma. It was also taken at Griffin's Kindergarten graduation. I can't believe how much they resemble one another - never realized it until I saw this picture.

Halloween 2006 at Grandma Imogene's house - Emma in front, Griffin on the left behind Emma and my nephew Koltyn standing in front of Grandma Imogene. Griffin and Emma dressed up as Beauty and the Beast.

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clacy said...

Wow! Griffin is so cute! I'm partial too, being his gotmother and aunt but it's true. He's a cutie!

And can Emma get any cuter. She does look like Jennifer.

I really enjoyed seeing them last week!