Saturday, February 23, 2008

Adventures of Babysitting

Guess what I'm doing this weekend? Let me paint a picture for you -

You got it - I'm babysitting - for my 7 month old nephew. He's a such a cutie but boy I can sure tell I'm not as young as I used to me. For such a little fellow he's quite a bit of work. He's not too sure about his Uncle John and everytime I walk out of the room he starts crying like everything. If I walk back in he's fine. So he's sitting in his highchair watching Aunt G on the computer. In addition to eating, sleeping, crying, and wetting his diaper he loves to throw all his toys down and watch me pick them up. He's learning to make all kinds of noises - he's such a ham - he loves attention. I think his grandma has him spoiled. We took him out for breakfast this morning and he was so good.

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Anonymous said...

Here's adorable!!!! Look at those eyes. Those picutres would make such great scrabooking pages!!!! Miss you --- Patti B