Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ribbon Storage

I knew there was a reason I just couldn't throw away those nice, heavy bags that my sheets, curtains and bath & body products came in. On one of the stamping groups I belong to Ellen Kemper shared one of the neatest ideas for organizing ribbon using these bags. Here is Ellen's post to the group:

I have been struggling with ribbon storage - and trying various methods to corral my ever growing stash - I want it organized and I want to be able to take it with me to crops/workshops etc

My upline bought a special gadget - a clear purse with holes in it to pull the ribbon through - great idea but $$$ - so I went home, dug out a heavy duty plastic bag that some sheets or curtains or something like that came it, punched holes all over it with my crop-a-dile, piled my ribbon it it, pulled just a couple of inches out through the holes, snapped it closed and so far - one week later it is working great - no tangles in the ribbon - super portable and all in one place.

So if you need new curtains- save the bag. Or if you need ribbon storage - go treat yourself to some new curtains!

I read Ellen's post in the early morning hours when I couldn't sleep and decided to give it a try. I'm not finished with mine but here's how it looks so far. This is such a cool idea - thanks for sharing Ellen. This project also gave me the opportunity to use my new Big Bite I just got about a week ago.

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